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Richard M. Keller
Computer Scientist
NASA Ames Research Center
Intelligent Systems Division
Moffett Field, Mountain View, CA, USA

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Richard M. Keller, Ph.D. is technical lead for the Information Sharing and Integration Group within the Intelligent Systems Division at NASA Ames Research Center. For over 15 years, Keller has managed NASA research and development projects in the areas of intelligent information management and collaborative systems. He has been the principal investigator on several long-term projects with successful NASA deployments in engineering, aviation, and scientific domains. His software applications in the areas of knowledge management for distributed science and engineering workgroups and data integration for aviation safety are the subject of multiple patent applications and have resulted in successful commercial spin-offs. Keller has developed decision and work support systems for a wide range of NASA personnel, including astrobiologists, space and earth scientists, space flight controllers, accident investigators, and air traffic safety managers. Prior to NASA, he worked as a research associate at Stanford University’s Knowledge Systems Laboratory in the areas of model-based reasoning and large-scale knowledge base development. Dr Keller’s areas of expertise include artificial intelligence and semantic technologies, knowledge management, indexing and search systems, machine learning and knowledge acquisition, digital libraries, and collaborative systems.


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