This book would not have been possible without the help and contributions of many colleagues. Our first word of appreciation goes to the authors for their excellent work and active participation in the peer-review process. Each chapter was evaluated by three or four referees, and revised at least once on the basis of their comments and criticism.

We would like to thank the following colleagues who generously provided additional reviews and feedback: Albert Weichselbraun, Andrea Polli, Andreas Juffinger, Benno Stein, Deana Pennington, Eva Micietova, Fridolin Wild, Herwig Rollett, Joachim P. Hasebrook, Jörg Westbomke, Klaus Leopold, Kostas Karatzas, Marc Van Liedekerke, Markus Strohmaier, Mathias Lux, Michael Granitzer, Nguyen Xuan Thinh, Panos Panagos, S.K. Ghosh, Soenke Dohrn, Stefan Kollarits, Tomas Pitner, Wei Liu, Wolf-Fritz Riekert, Wolfgang Kienreich and Yiwei Cao.

Gabriele Zorn-Pauli is to be commended for her valuable assistance in the editorial process. We would also like to thank the series editors of Advanced Information and Knowledge Processing, Xindong Wu and Lakhmi Jain, as well as the staff at Springer for their support and help in the materialization of this book.

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