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Jan Horalek
Air Quality Researcher
Czech Hydrometeorological Institute
Prague, Czech Republic

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Jan Horálek is an air quality expert and mathematician in the section Air Quality Information System of the Czech Hydrometeorological Institute (CHMI) and the member of the staff of the ETC/ACC at CHMI. He graduated as mathematical statistician from Charles University of Prague in 1992. He has been working in CHMI since 1993. He gained experience in ambient air quality data analysis, especially spatial statistics in order to support air quality mapping. This experience also includes e.g. development of empirical models, detection of gross errors in air quality data sets, examination of spatial representativeness of measuring stations. He is co-author of methodology, which is routinely used in CHMI for air quality data control. He participated in several national air quality projects. Presently, he participates within ETC/ACC in the spatial air quality mapping (development and testing new mapping methodologies). He also participates in the statistical support of air quality mapping in Czech Republic. He is author or co-author of several scientific articles. He has good computer skills with experience in GIS.


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