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Patrick Hogan
Program Manager of NASA World Wind
NASA Ames Research Center
Moffett Field, USA

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Patrick Hogan has been managing NASA open source projects since 2002. Each new project was incubating competitive technologies to deliver scientific content. The goal has been to engineer open source solutions that leverage open data standards for sustainable technologies that can be extended in both open and proprietary ways. Several successful projects have come out of this program, including a virtual scanning electron microscope, software that allows the blind to aurally visualize mathematical equations, and the very successful NASA World Wind, a fully navigable 3D geospatial data visualization technology. Mr. Hogan has managed other NASA programs, one in the early 90’s effectively modeled contaminant transport scenarios that leveraged over a million soil and groundwater data points. Mr. Hogan is a California Registered Geologist and formerly a high school science teacher, deep sea diver and pilot.


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