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Bruce Denby
Senior Researcher
Norwegian Institute for Air Research
Kjeller, Norway

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Bruce Denby is a senior scientist at the Norwegian Institute for Air Research (NILU). He is chiefly involved in air quality modelling and assessment and coordinates model development and data assimilation activities within the department of Urban Environment and Industry. He participates in research and application related projects including recent European projects such as Air4EU, CITYDELTA, FUMAPEX and EMECAP. He has experience in meteorological, atmospheric boundary layer, turbulence, chemical and also energy balance modelling. Within the current ETC/ACC consortium he participates in aspects relevant to modelling and spatial air quality mapping. In the year 2005 he was lead author of the ETC/ACC Technical paper 2005/7 and contributing author to the ETC/ACC Technical paper 2005/8. He has experience in a range of computing languages and platforms. He is fluent in English (native) and orally proficient in both Dutch and Norwegian. 1986: Graduated from the University of New South Wales, Australia, with a bachelors degree in physics. 1996: Graduated from the Utrecht University, The Netherlands, with a Masters degree in meteorology and physical oceanography. 2001: Received doctorate from the Utrecht University, The Netherlands, for the thesis entitled “Modelling and interpretation of turbulent fluxes in katabatic flows: applications to glaciers and the Greenland ice sheet”. 2001 – 2002: Research associate, Scott Polar Research Institute, University of Cambridge, UK. Sea ice measurements, structure and morphology. 2002 – present: Senior scientist, Norwegian Institute for Air Research.He is author and co-author on 11 scientific articles and a large number of scientific reports.


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