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Robert Davies
MDR Partners
London, UK

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Date of Birth: 25 July 1952, Place of Birth: England. Tertiary educational qualifications: Honours Degree in European History and Literature, 1974 and a Masters Postgraduate Diploma in Information Science, 1976. From 1976-1990, worked as an information specialist for the British Council, from 1983 to 1990 as a member of its Overseas Career Service. This included postings to Indonesia (1977), Singapore (1978-81) and Egypt (1988-90), where responsible for the operation and development of extensive cultural, library and information services targeted at key audiences and the general public. Left in 1990 to form an independent consultancy with an initial focus on education sector and project preparation in the developing world in the context of World Bank, Asian Development Bank and European Development Bank funding. Later developed an increased focus on work in Europe and the UK. Background in management and co-ordination of multi-country, multi-partner European projects since 1993 including; MOBILE, DECIDE, CAMILE, EXCEL, PubliCA-CEE, PULMAN, PULMAN-XT, SEAX-DAMAS, CALIMERA, ISTAR Networks, ePSINet, ePSINet-CEE, ePSIPlus, LIGHT, LearnEast, DILLMULI and seamlessUK


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