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Christian Aden
PhD Candidate
University of Vechta
Chair of Landscape Ecology
Vechta, Germany

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Dipl. Env. Sci. Christian Aden was born in Wilhelmshaven, Lower Saxony on January 13th 1978. He started his school education in Schortens and continued in Jever where he finished in 1998. After accomplishing the civilian service he went to Flensburg, Schleswig-Holstein for studying Energy and Environmental Management in 1999. One year later he went to the University of Vechta where he studied Environmental Science. During his studies he worked as a graduate assistant at the Institute for Environmental Science in Vechta where he directed his first lecture in web-based GIS and started implementing new tools for geodata management. In the beginning of 2006 he finished his studies by developing a web-based geographical information system for available industrial real estates in the Frisian district. From 2006 up to now he is working as a research assistant for the application of web-based GIS at the Chair of Landscape Ecology, University of Vechta where he wants to receive a doctorate. Additional he directs lectures in the field of web-based and desktop GIS at the University of Oldenburg.


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