A Semantic Approach for Geospatial Information Extraction from Unstructured Documents

Christian Sallaberry • Mauro Gaio • Julien Lesbegueries • Pierre Loustau

Local cultural heritage document collections are characterized by their content, which is strongly attached to a territory and its land history (i.e., geographical references). Our contribution aims at making the content retrieval process more efficient whenever a query includes geographic criteria. We propose a core model for a formal representation of geographic information. It takes into account characteristics of different modes of expression, such as written language, captures of drawings, maps, photographs, etc. We have developed a prototype that fully implements geographic information extraction (IE) and geographic information retrieval (IR) processes. All PIV prototype processing resources are designed as Web Services. We propose a geographic IE process based on semantic treatment as a supplement to classical IE approaches. We implement geographic IR by using intersection computing algorithms that seek out any intersection between formal geocoded representations of geographic information in a user query and similar representations in document collection indexes.

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